No Devices Detected with Vivado Hardware Manager

Hello. I have created a simple Vivado blinky project targeting the Alchitry Au+ (brand new out of the box), and would like to test it out. I did the usual thing of opening the Vivado Hardware Manager and trying “Open Target” but I got the error message “No devices detected on target”. I thought maybe this was a driver issue, so I connected the “FT Prog” tool and I can indeed see a product description of “Alchitry Au+”, so I believe the FTDI chip is setup correctly. The drivers in Windows show up as “USB Serial Converter A” and “USB Serial Converter B” and I get a COM port instantiated.

I should be able to detect the FPGA device in the Vivado Hardware manager with just the USB cable attached, correct? Any suggestions?

Alchitry has gone “off reservation” and is not an official Xilinx dev board, so it will not show up under hardware manager. You have to either load files from Alchitry Labs or the dedicated loader app.

As prebys said, the Au isn’t an official Xilinx board so you need to use the Alchitry Loader to program it. You could hook up an external JTAG programmer to the pins on bank D then program it through Vivado but that’s not really worth it unless you need to do some debugging or something special.

In theory, the FT2232 (USB->JTAG chip we use) could be made to show up in Xilinx’s tools but that’s against their ToS.

The loader is part of Alchitry Labs.