Projects based on Alchitry boards

Hi, i think it will be nice to have here a list of projects (hobby or commercial) based on Alchitry boards.
Here are my two projects:

eLeMeNt ZX - hobby project - clone of famous 8bits home computer ZX Spectrum
AA-SRAM 2048-8 - SRAM expansion for Au/Au+ boards

please, if you want add yours to this place. Thanks a lot.

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I posted a project in this post for the Cu board.

My project is doing bus capture on the classic Apple //e. I did this initially using a Pico and a Teensy 4.1 last year, but just this week I started putting together an FPGA design using a stack with an Au, Ft, and Br board.

So far, I have it detecting and counting bus clock edges, and pushing dummy events out over USB. 32Mbit/sec data rate (it’s a 1MHz bus with 16 bits of address, 8 data, plus some misc lines) which I was doing on the Teensy over 100Mbit Ethernet.

I wired up the full bus on the Br board last night, to start trying to push real bus events instead of just dummy ones. I also need to write a simple application to dump the events to stdout. So far I have just been using one of FTDI’s test apps just to detect the presence and rate of bus traffic without actually decoding anything.

Once I have the bus capture working end to end with the FPGA, I will do a second pass design which implements the full set of two-way bus features, and then it’s off to the races for emulating peripheral cards, all the way up to a CPU accelerator!