Missing Files: AU Pin Mapping and Board Files for Vivado

Does anyone have Alchitry Au board files for Vivado? There’s a legacy post (link below) but the attachments are no longer available on the new forum. :frowning:

I have prepared these configuration files myself a while ago. You even get a nice photo of the board in Vivado. Will post them when I come back home!

You’re the best! Thanks!

Here you have it. The configuration is very basic because it only contains information about the AU board. I don’t know why I called it au_io, probably i was wanting to include the IO parts. Hope this helps a bit and you will be able to add the missing bits if you need them.

You can put it inside Xilinx/Vivado/20XX.X/data/boards/board_files/alchitry_au_io and it should be then possible to choose when creating a new project and choosing a board.

alchitry_au_io.zip (395.9 KB)


Thank you so much! I’m just getting started so this should definitely help.