Yosys error: can't guess frontend for input file

Hi, I just started with the Alchitry Cu and Alchitry labs 2.0.9 on Windows 11. When I try to build a simple project to drive the LEDs with some buttons, I get the following error from yosys and it exits with status 1. I get there by setting the toolchain to Yosys and clicking the build button.

ERROR: Can’t guess frontend for input file `Learning\gsw_fpgas\chapter2\switches_to_leds\build\alchitry.json -top MI_alchitryTop’ (missing -f option)!

Does anyone know how to troubleshoot or fix this issue? Thanks!

This sounds like a bug. I opened an issue for it here Yosys error: can’t guess frontend for input file · Issue #8 · alchitry/Alchitry-Labs-V2 · GitHub

I’ll be working on Alchitry Labs tomorrow and I’ll look into this.

This issue shows up if you have a space in your project’s path or name. I’m looking into a fix.

Edit: Found a fix so it’ll be fixed in 1.0.10.

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