Virtual Serial Port with Au

I’m just working through the example tutorials and I’m at the point in the Components example where I run the Serial Port Monitor and I need to

" choose the virtual serial port the board connected to and you should be able to type data into the monitor. Whatever you type should be shown."

Where do I choose the virtual serial port?

Using Windows 11.

Many thanks

I believe that line needs to be updated and you don’t have to select the port anymore. It should detect the Au automatically and simply ask for the baud rate to use.

The original version had a dropdown to select the COM port when only the Mojo was supported. The newer code has stuff that can actually figure out what COM port corresponds to what board.

Ah, OK, thanks.

I noted that it finds the port and you just choose the BAUD. I think I was misinterpreting what I expected to see.

Sorry for the delay in getting back, the day job got in the way of me doing things.