Cannot build project in Alchitry CU for Group policy error in Win11

I set up Alchitry Labs, IceCube2 (with the license) and tried to build the LEDtoButton project. But it’s giving me a “Blocked by Group Policy” error. Which I assumed might be an issue with my computer/domain. It’s a work computer, but there is no Group Policy configured that blocks Alchitry Labs or IceCube2. And the system administrator also couldn’t figure out anything that might be blocking the programs.

Could anyone help with what might lead to this message and failure to build?

Alchitry Labs versin 1.2.7
iCEcube version iCEcube2.2020.12

When do you see this error? Is it when you’re trying to start Alchitry Labs or do a build?

The Alchitry Labs V1 relays upon the JVM (Java) you have installed. Maybe something is blocking the launcher from accessing that?

You could try the preview of Alchitry Labs 2 to see if that works. Alchitry Labs