Alchitry Au II: Where is RN2 100 Component on Physical Board?

Hi, I am trying to find where the RN2 100 component is on the physical Alchitry Au II Board. I tried looking at the board under a microscope and saw that none of the components on the front or back was marked with 100 or RN2. I am assuming it is some kind of resistor package. By RN2 100 I am referring to the component within the alchitry_au_SCHEMATIC.pdf that resides on sheet 5 on the right of U5. I saw that there was two 101 components on the physical board, maybe it is one of those? If anyone knows where the RN2 100 component is on the physical board that would be much appreciated.

Well I found out 101 on the physical board is most likely the resistor code R101 meaning 100 ohms which checks out on the schematic. Guess I’ll have to do my own continuity test to find out which 101 is RN2 and which is RN1.

The resistor net is between the FPGA and the Flash chip on the top side (bottom right of the FPGA).

As you said, it is marked with 101 meaning 100 ohms.

The 101 resistor net on the back is RN2.

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