Alchitry Au II: Where is PIN #1 of R38 300 ohm resistor on Au physical board?

Hi, I am trying to find out where PIN #1 of the R38 300 ohm resistor is on the physical Au board. I know the green 16 legged component labeled 331 on the backside is R38, and I also know that PINS #1-8 are on the left side. I am just unsure whether PIN #1 is on the top or bottom. Hard to do a continuity test when PINS #9-16 are directly connected to the FPGA and to my knowledge those connected FPGA PINS are not showing / easily accessible on the back of the physical board.


Pin 1 is on the top. LED0 is the top most one when looking at the front and the pins for the resistor align with the LEDs.

For what it’s worth, the pre-resistor signal also connects to bank D (bottom right connector) if you’re trying to connect to it.