Alchitry Au II - Artix 7 XC7A50 - SRAM


I would like to ask if there are any plans for further boards in the Alchitry Au series, something like a second edition. Personally, I would really welcome that. I would prefer a solution with the Artix 7 XC7A50T and instead of DDR3, having SRAM.


Jan, my experience of more than 40 years working as a consultant in ASIC design and FPGAS for prototyping, I would like to see the following configuration:
Artix 35 or 50 (this is a nice size, for medium complex designs) with the following :slight_smile:
SRAM 16 bits wide any size, easy to write/read in particular to beginners and easy to access with a micro-controller, I have my own custom processor and works fine with your Alchiry AU and Digilent Basys (also with Altera FPGAS). Nice to have an EEROM either serial or parallel, to save parameters, setup, etc.
Serial could be I2C or SPI, I’ll prefer the SPI.
Extra to have!, a Bluetooth interface , I added my self in many designs, very handy.
That is my suggestion.
Gill Romero

Also something that not takes a lo of printec circuit space and it is cheap, a RTC, real time colock.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve been thinking of working on another FPGA board but there isn’t anything currently in the works.

What size SRAM would you guys like to see?

For what it’s worth, the flash used for storying the .bin file can be accessed and used for your own data as long as the .bin file doesn’t take up the whole thing.

Hi, I recommend 16 Mbit minimally. I like these SRAMs:
IS61WV20488FBLL: (2M x 8) 8 or 10ns
or bigger
IS61WV204816BLL (2M x 16) 10ns