Alchitry Au and FPGA which has 70 ºC

I’ve bought brand new Alchitry Au board and I have a problem with FPGA temperature. It has startup configuration so far (PWM) and it reaches 70 ºC, with ambient temperature around 23 ºC. Is it normal? AMD documentation (DS180, v2.6.1) says, that maximum temperature for this FPGA (XC7A35T-1C) is +85 ºC. Alchitry product brief says that operating temperature is 0-60 ºC. FPGA is very hot, I can’t touch it. Thank you for help.


It’s not uncommon for the demo .bin to get toasty. What you don’t see, it is that it is constantly reading and writing the DDR3 memory at max speed to test it. That’s what consumes the majority of power.

If you flash it with a design that does just the LEDs, it’ll run substantially cooler.

The operating temp of 0-60C comes from the crystal used by the FTDI (USB) chip on the back near the USB port

Almost everything else is good up to 85C (button is rated for 70C).