Alchitry 2.0.7 and Mojo

I installed the latest deb onto my Ubuntu desktop.

I am trying to use the loader -
/usr/bin/alchitry load --board Mojo

But it replies

Option board is expected to be one of [Au, Au+, Cu]. Mojo is provided.

Do you no longer support the Mojo ?

The Mojo isn’t supported by Alchitry Labs 2.

Everything about it is fairly different from the Alchitry boards and would require significant work to add support for.

If there is enough interest in it, it could be done. I don’t think there are that many left still being actively used though.

Thanks for your reply.

Alchitry 1.2.7 still allows me to load images, so I am not stuck.

All the other Mojo stuff seems to have suffered bitrot - do you know of any other tools?

I was hoping for a simple command line loader - but 1.2.7 does work.

Thanks for your efforts, and your swift reply.

If you’re just looking for a command line tool to program the Mojo, check out this Python script someone wrote a while back.

Thank you very much. I will check it out.
I see it will write the flash too.