Using Lucid for other than Demo/Tutorial designs

I am having difficulty using Alchitry Lucid for designs other that the demos. I often get the error message when it tries to generate a Bin file that it can’t find au_plus_top.bin! I think it cannot find it because that is what it is trying to create.

I’m trying to ‘stick’ serial_echo with DDR to use as a data collector from two low speed sources (9600 BAUD), store them and send the data out over a smart modem (satellite modem). Would you consider this overkill for Lucid?

Would you consider the Au + board for commercial development?

Hos did you ceratet that project?
If you ceratet a basic project you should have a [color=#666666]au_plus_top file that you should not rename because it’s the top file. If you ad other modules you should do that in separate files.[/color]
[color=#666666]I’m still new to this but if I can see your project I might be able to help you.[/color]