USB host capability of Au or Cu?

Does the Au or Cu have the capability to
be used as a USB host to control multiple
USB peripheral devices?

In the Vivado IP Catalogue there’s the
AXI Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 Device v5.0,
Can this be used to provide USB 2.0 host capability?
If so, how?

If not, can we interface with a USB host IC or
Arduino USB host shield? Has anyone here
Tried something similar?

I’ve played around with the UART and have
Had success with sending and receiving text
to a computer at 115200 baud, however this
is not the real capability of a USB host.

Are there any plans for Alchitry to make
USB Host shields?

The USB on the boards can’t be used as a host. It is connected directly to the FT2232H which does the serial and programming (JTAG/SPI) interfaces.

You could hook up anything you want to the main IO pins though, including a USB host IC. I haven’t done this though.

We don’t have a plan for a USB host board, but we do have a plan for a fast USB 3.0 board.