SRAM 16 Mbit (2M x 8) 10ns board

Hi, I decided start creating board with SRAM 16 Mbit (2M x 8) 10ns included two of sets original sockets to use it as expand board. SRAM is more suitable for my projects than DDR included on AU/AU+. I welcome any idea and recommendation. Thanks a lot.

See photo of first prototype.

Were you able to get it to work with the test program in lucid?

I created a shield for mojo and it only worked in verilog.

However, I haven’t experimented with fpga for a few months.

Nice one, sram (and hdmi) is the most helpfull expansion board i think. What design program did you use and what was your pcb supplier? I think your prototype board looks sweet. SRAM is a real asset, ddr3 is just too much latency for certain projects and to be fair, the ammount of bram on the fpga (even the more expensive ones) is just to little. Sram is a good work arround. Ps how did you manage the controller, is this programmed via the fpga?

Ps sdram was also an option, why did you opted for sram?

Cheers, Jeroen

Hi, Yes the latency is main reason for using SRAM in my projects than DDR3. I use 10ns chip suitable for up to 100MHz random access in contrary DDR3 in Au/Au+ is up to 270nS in case of random access.
Control of SRAM is very easy, there is no necessary to create a controller. Only select, read and write signal need for access.

Super, thx for this info. Ps any chance you’'ll be uploading schematics/gerber files? Or if not (what I can imagine), what was the software program you used and what was the company you ordered the pcb from. It look very high quality. Ps I want to start experimemting with hdmi, perhaps implent a hdmi connector (whith components) next to the very needed/handy sram chip set. Grts, Jeroen

I made a few pieces for fans of Alchitry or my projects. You can find it here:
Schematic is available for download.

Nice one jan, also super this one in available as product. i’ll try my project in kicad. Cheers, jeroen