Software trouble - unclear how to launch Alchitry Labs

Hello trackside,
I dont have a linux desktop handy right now, but after poking through the tarball’s contents, you should be able to run Alchitry Labs via “./alchitry-labs” when in your/dir/alchitry-labs-1.2.5/ after extracting the tarball. You might need to run “chmod +x alchitry-labs” to make it executable, or possibly with sudo. These steps should apply for the loader as well.

Let me know how that goes,

There isn’t an official installer for Linux but I just place the files in /opt/alchitry-labs

The script named “alchitry-labs” is the one you want to run. You can create a launcher for it, or you should be able to right click it and choose run as a program.