Shields for the SparkFun DEV-17514 Alchitry Au+ Development Board

Since I’m new I was thinking of buying some premade shields for my board so I can concentrate on learning instead of building and soldering.

I can really only find 3 shields that is suitable for the Au+, are there more shields in the near future?

There is a Qwiic connector on the board, is there any examples of how to use that?

At the moment I have these

[]SparkFun DEV-17514 Alchitry Au+ Development Board
]SparkFun DEV-16524 Alchitry Br Prototype Element Board
[]SparkFun Alchitry Io Element Board
]Alchitry Ft Element Board (soon, ordered but not here yet)
[*]A bunch of other electronics, sensors etc that is leftovers from another project, about 20kg :wink:
Any nice tutorial for using the Qwiic-port? Bought this breakout SparkFun Atmospheric Sensor Breakout - BME280 (Qwiic) just to lab with the port.
But most important, shields so I can have premade stuff to learn with so any suggestions are welcome.

The Io Element is a great place to start. Being able to easily input and output values is helpful for getting your feet wet.

The Qwiic port isn’t as easy to use as it is on something like an Arduino. It is really just a simple way to connect an I2C device to the board. FPGAs being FPGAs, how you use it is really up to you. In the ClockClock project I did for SparkFun, I used the Au as an I2C peripheral

You could also make it an I2C controller but this takes a bit of work to read/write registers in a peripheral device.