Onboard SRAM support

Is there a projected time frame for when on board SRAM is going to be supported? I have no problem writing support, but I would like to know I am not re-implementing something that is almost done, or already done by the board supporters!

Do you mean support for the DDR3 on the Au? I have an example project I could send you that we used to test the boards. It still needs to be cleaned up/packaged better but it’ll be included in Alchitry Labs as a component.

Yes, the DDR3 that is on the board itself. A test program would be great, I have no issue cleaning it up, but didn’t want to start from scratch if it wasn’t necessary.

Is there any way I could get that example project too? I’ve kinda hit a roadblock until I can tinker with the DDR3.

Here is the source for the GPU demo we made. It uses the DDR3.

It’s uses some not-yet-supported features of Alchitry Labs. Also note the pinout to the LCD uses the old pre-production pinout but the DDR3 stuff is all the same.