New to Lucid and Alchitry but...

I used to have an old Spartan 6 dev board but I think I killed it :wink:
So new dev board and new software to design/define my FPGA.
Where do I start except the tutorials, can I find all commands etc somewhere?
I will start with Lucid since last time I used VHDL so everything is pretty new anyway.

This is my equipment: Sparkfun DEV-17514 Alchitry Au+ Development Board


The place to start is the setup tutorial

This can be a bit tricky so feel free to reach out if you encounter any issues. I’ve recently been contacted by a couple people who are having issues with Vivado starting up inside Alchitry Labs but I haven’t been able to reproduce it on my end yet.

Once you have a working setup, the Lucid tutorials on this page are roughly in order of how you should run through them.

Dev environment is up and running, no problem at all.
Using the latest Vivado 2021.2.1

Checked out the tutorials and I think I get it pretty well so far.
Is there a manual to Lucid?

Found a weird problem.
On my PC Windows 10, 32GB RAM, 32 threaded processor and JDK 8 Vivado doesn’t start from inside Alchitry Labs. Just say starting but after 6 hours nothing have happened at all. I can start Vivado manually with no problem and I can show IP catalog from Alchitry Labs. The only differens from my other working PC is the JDK, 17 on the working one and the one installed with VS Studio Ent.
Is it possible to change what Java that is used by Alchitry Labs?

SOLUTION (for me at least)
Don’t use JDK 1.8 since this seems to have some weird effects on how Vivado starts from within the Java container. When I upgraded to JDK 17 it works as it should. Only thing now that is weird is that my Threadripper 32 cores 32GB RAM 3.5 GHz is much slower than my laptop running Linux and only 16GB RAM with only 2 cores and 2 GHz CPU.
So Linux is much faster to build the project even when I smack upp the threads on Windows to use 32 Threads, on Linux it uses the standard settings and is much faster.