Mojo v3 Java Errors

Total noob. Bought this last year with intent on learning fundamentals on hardware implementation in logic. Having trouble getting started and I’m not sure where things are going wrong.

[]Mojo v3 recognized as COM 5 in Windows
]Xilinx 14.7 Web Pack
[]Java SDK 15
]Alchtitry 1.2.4
Getting this set of errors when I push the build to the board:

Can someone please direct me as to what I have wrong in this setup?

Is this a real Mojo? Given that you bought it last year is a little suspect since we stopped selling them a few years ago. It appears to be timing out when trying to erase the flash.

Is your board matte black with green text? Is our old ‘e’ logo on it?

Yes, green screened with the “e” badge. Matte black on the PCB finish. Reasonably sure it is not a knock-off.

Just asked wife to look up on Amazon since it was a wishlist item. Date of purchase was Dec 16, 2018.
Feeling a bit motivated to try this again since I just picked up your book.