Mojo V3 General Question

The IO max drive strength is 24mA with a max total per bank of 100mA.

Delays like your example only work in simulations. There is no physical mechanism to allow for a delay like this in hardware. I’d recommend reading through our Verilog tutorials

I have been using my Mojo with SDRAM and camera shields for a new project. I have the coding mostly done, but I have found that the lens on the OV2640 board I purchased from Alchitry several years ago does not have a wide enough field of view for what I need. I purchased an OV2640 module with the same pin out from the RobotShop. This module has and M12 camera mount so I can put in the right lens. The problem is that the code does not work with it. I am wondering is this is a case of “Identical Parts Are Not”, or if there is a known subtle difference between modules that I need to take into account.

One thing I did notice is that the polarity of the VSYNC signal on the Mojo camera board seems backwards from the documentation I got from OminiVision (after signing a #$@# NDA for a part that is now obsolete).

Any one seen this and have a solution or even a guess?