LEDs on Io Breakout Board Missing segments

Here’s a picture of attempting to display all 8s - a bunch of segments aren’t displaying, and they’re different on the different displays. I’m doing this with IceCube2 and not Alchitry Labs as I’m having the dreaded “cu_top_0_bitmap.bin) could not be found!” error in Alchitry Labs. Not sure if this is relevant.


I’m not sure what this means, any advice? Also not having pull downs is annoying, if anyone has verilog code to have intermittent pull-downs, please post it.

First of all, I would double-check the connectors. I had a similar issue with roughly 1/3 of the segments unable to turn on. After a long time spent studying the schematics to no avail I simply disconnected the Io board and reattached it. Most of my problems went away immediately. That said, segment ‘D’ on the rightmost seven segment display is defective on my board. I have a replacement display which I could solder in its place, but I ended up abandoning the Io board because the DIP switches are just not practical (unlike the Mojo IO shield).

If this is a new board, contact SparkFun about getting a replacement. If it is pretty old, we had a batch we made with some bum LEDs. Send me an email (support@alchitry.com) and we can get an RMA to fix it if you ordered it from us.