Layout blank for breakout board

I’m considering designing a custom breakout board for the Au for an undergraduate lab application. Is there there a blank layout (in some standard format) that I can use as a starting point?

Indeed I’d be super happy to see a kicad template with the position for the 4 connectors to the Au/Cu boards.
Is there any chance to see such thing in some future (or if ever I manage to prepare such file, is there a way to «share» those on the site) ?


i made this template in kicad using some info justin posted on the kickstarter comments. i created the footprint for the 4UCON connectors by modifying a molex part to match the dimensions in the 4UCON datasheets.

use at your risk as i’ve yet to test it. i did print an overlay on my laser printer and seemed to match br shield pretty well though.

There is a library for Eagle that has components for custom elements