Issue loading Vivado bins onto AU+

Hi all,

I just got my AU+ board in a couple of days ago, and as a career EE I was hoping to do some more advanced development with it. After dinking around with my setup for a few hours I finally got the first Lucid tutorial working, flashed to the AU+ and everything. However, when I finished up the Verilog tutorial and loaded the bin with the alchitry-loader, the LEDs wouldn’t light up at all. Also, nothing seems to happen when I press the rst button.

I also notice that when the alchitry-loader is finished flashing the board, the “DONE” LED doesn’t light up like it did with the Lucid tutorial.

I’m operating on a 2015 Macbook running the latest Ubuntu 20.10 and openjdk 11.0.10

Any help would be much appreciated!

If the “Done” LED doesn’t come on then there is something wrong with the bin file.

The Verilog tutorial is currently written for the Au (not Au+). The only difference in the project should be you need to change the project to use the xc7a100tftg256-1 fpga instead of the “35” version.

To do this, open your project and under “Project Summary” in the “Project Manager” panel, click the part number under the “Settings” section.

Click the … next to the part name.

In the dialog that opens, find and select xc7a100tftg256-1

Click “Apply” and rebuild your project.

The new bit file should work on the Au+