Generic .acf or .xdc files for Au

I just got an Au and Io to evaluate for use in a class at UC Davis. I’m using the Alchitry program + Vivado. Managed to get the example job to compile and load (although most of the documentation still seems based on Mojo+ISE)

My question is are there any generic .acf and/or .xdc files for the Au or both, or is there at least better documentation than the schematics? Ideally it would be nice to have an .acf file with all the connections commented out, then I could just uncomment the ones I need (like the Arty-7). Mapping 24 LEDs and 24 DIP switches through two different schematics is kind of a pain.

We are working on porting all the documentation over still.

If you are using .acf then all the pins are kind of defined for you already (no need to look at the schematic). The avaiable names are A1-49, B1-49, C1-49, a handful of Ds, LED1-8, RESET, CLOCK, and some other board signals. See for a full list. This will be written up in an easier to use format soon.

Basically, .acf maps the FPGA pins to the board pin names for you.

There is an example .acf file in Alchitry Labs for the Io Element ( If you build your project with this file you can find the .xdc version in the work directory.

Thanks. Found the io.acf file.