FT Element Board

I need to get this added to the components library, but you can use this in the mean time.

[code]pin ft_clk B33;
clock ft_clk 100MHz;

pin ft_rxf A28;
pin ft_txe A27;

pin ft_data[0] B24;
pin ft_data[1] B23;
pin ft_data[2] B21;
pin ft_data[3] B20;
pin ft_data[4] B18;
pin ft_data[5] B17;
pin ft_data[6] B15;
pin ft_data[7] B14;
pin ft_data[8] B27;
pin ft_data[9] B28;
pin ft_data[10] B30;
pin ft_data[11] B31;
pin ft_data[12] B36;
pin ft_data[13] B37;
pin ft_data[14] A21;
pin ft_data[15] A20;
pin ft_be[0] A18;
pin ft_be[1] A17;

pin ft_rd A31;
pin ft_wr A30;
pin ft_oe B34;[/code]