Different IDE (VSCode?)

I have Alchitry Labs running on my PC and I’m able to get the tutorials working. The one thing that is impacting my productivity is the IDE. Alchitry Labs, while decent, is nowhere close to the functionality of an IDE like VSCode or Atom.

I see that there’s a Lucid HDL extension for VSCode, but it only provides syntax highlighting support. Would it be possible to post the commands that we’d need to execute (I assume they’re java -jar commands) to convert a .luc file to the working directory structure that you use before you invoke the ICE tool chain? Once we have that it’d be easy to rig up a Makefile or a simple batch file to convert from .luc to .bin.

I would also be interested in this.

I now have a basic toolchain running on my Mac with VSCode, Icestorm, and Apio (https://github.com/FPGAwars/apio). I’ve submitted a pull request to the Apio project that will support the Cu out of the box, but until then, you’ll need to make some manual edits to the Apio install to get it working on your machine.

It only works with Verilog files, obviously. I hope someone from Alchitry will give us documentation to use the Alchitry Lucid > Verilog engine so that you can code in Lucid in the IDE of your choice, run the Lucid > Verilog conversion, and then use apio to build and upload the .bin files to the Cu.

When I get a chance in the next week, I’ll document it and share the link to my GitHub repository here.

In case it helps (I don’t have time to sift through it right now) Alchitry Labs is on Github.

Have you made any progress on your example? I’d love to use VSCode as an IDE.