Dead LED in display :(

I contacted my shop about this but what I can find online this is really common problem…
If they refuse to replace it, what do I do?

Have you checked if a pin of the display is soldered well?
Test with a tester with the diode function to see if the segment that appears to be broken lights up.

Will do that when the replacement arrives, don’t want to do much more before I know if they want to get this unit back.

Looks like I’m getting to keep the unit with the broken LED so I will check it out if I can fix that so I have one spare.
I asked them if they wanted proof of the dead LED but they told me that it’s way more expensive for them to check the unit than give me a new working one :wink:

New shield is here and all LED:s are working so everything is fine again.
Now the learning can continue without guessing if I missed a LED or not :wink: