Custom breakout board

Has anyone made a custom breakout board for the Au? That is, one that’s a little easier to use than the Br? Maybe with pin headers or something rather than just a solder grid. If so, can I steal the design?


If you end up designing one yourself, we have the Elements Library for Eagle to help make custom boards

So what I did is solder a 36 pin male header on to the Br board and then used a Raspberry Pi breadboard breakout cable.


I also toned out the pinouts.

My ideal would be 4 50 pin DIP adapter boards, with each pin labeled according to the Br labeling scheme (there are a bunch of grounds so could be fewer DIP pins), containing a flat ribbon cable connector on top (like you see for LCD panels). Then an adapter board would be plugged in on top of the Au converting the 0.5mm double connectors to 4 flat ribbon cable connectors. You then run ribbon cables to up to 4 breadboards.