Can't get the Cu to work...

Hi all,

A question from an FPGA newbie: I bought a Cu, installed Alchitry Labs & IceCube2,and configured Labs so it knows where IceCube2 and the license file are located. Plugging in the Cu gives me a short flash of the ‘Done’ LED; voltage on the test points is 4.7V)

I can building sample projects (HelloWorld, Led to Button) without any errors, same for flashing the Cu, but: no happ flashing LEDs of any kind…

Any hints/tips/…? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for any info!

Do you get the DONE LED to turn on? Did your board show the test pattern when you first got it?

Hi Admin, thanks for your reply!

No, the DONE led only gives a brief flash on power on, but that is the only activity observed; the board didn’t show any kind of test pattern…

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If the board never showed the test power, it is possible the board is bad. If it doesn’t show up in the device manager (windows) or lsusb (linux) when you plug it in you should contact SparkFun for a replacement.