Bin file could not be found - Building project fails


New install of Alchitry LABS 1.2.5 using iCeCube2 Tool Chain with the Alchitry Cu board trying to build and deploy LEDtoButton example.

When I try to build the project I get the following log output:

Starting iceCube2…

Bin file (C:\tools\FPGA\Lattice\Alchitry\LEDtoButton\work\alchitry_imp\sbt\outputs\bitmap\cu_top_0_bitmap.bin) could not be found! The build probably failed.

The /sbt/… folder tree does not exist in the project folder after the failure, so I assume what ever sbt is, does not exist or does not work as it should.

I cannot find any information on the googeler. Any guidance for an FPGA Noob?


This was an issue with the new version of icecube2 but Alchitry Labs 1.2.6 should now work with it.

I’m having the exact same error with Alchitry 1.2.7 and IceCube2 release 2020.12.27943 . Please help, I’ll try IceCube2 with the Alchitry Loader. I’d love to be able to use the board I just received.

Have any of these issues been fixed? Just installed Alchitry Labs 1.2.7 (latest) and the latest linked version of IceCube2 (2020.12.27943) on Windows 10 and have the same problem.

The whole process seems rather clunky. If these boards are no longer supported, is there a recommended version that is? The forums seem rather dead.