AU Plus UART Capability

How many uarts can I setup with AU+? I’m hoping at least 4 to use for low speed (9600 BAUD) async sensors.

You can basically do as many as you have pins for. So 51 if you aren’t connecting anything else.

Thank you!

Are you involved at all with Sparkfun? I am learning this FPGA because I think it is a better method over microprocessor for use in weather gathering buoys in the ocean. All we do is take data from 9600 BAUD async sensors, store the data and then transmit it back over satellite (Globalstar) once an hour. We do not process any data. The Artix-7 series seem to be a good fit for this and will apparently be around for a decade. This means we will need to get boards other than a tutorial board built for us.

Any recommendations?