Au/Cu new version boards with Qwiic Connect System

Hi, Sparkfun offer new version board with Qwiic Connect System. What signals (pins) Qwiic uses, please? There is no Schematic of new one. Thanks a lot.

Hi, are there another changes in new version boards except Qwiic, please?

Sparkfun is not just offering the boards with Qwiic, [color=#474747][size=medium]SparkFun is taking over production of our boards. [/size][/color]


[color=#474747][size=medium]I see this as a good thing, maybe Sparkfun can create better support for these cool products.[/size][/color]

SparkFun was a little slow on getting the updated schematics up but they are on the new board pages now.

The only changes to the new boards is the Qwiic connector (to pins A23 and A24 for SDA and SCL respectively) and a fix for the USB port. The old boards didn’t always work properly when using a USB C to C cable. They are otherwise identical.