Architry-Lab does not build the Sound Locator project .bin file for mojo v3

[size=medium]If I build the project for the Sound Locator shield from the examples in alchitry labs the operation fails.[/size]
[size=medium]If I use mojo Ide the project is built correctly.[/size]

Thanks for sharing this. It seems to be a bug in how the CoreGenerator files are being read.

I had a similar Problem regarding the Cores. For me I found out that the Path that was autogenerated was not correct. Alchitry Labs is asking for a different path:
Error: Could not read file /home/usr/workingdirectory/cores/decimation_filter (same for xfft and mag_phase calculator)

In the project path you can only find a folder named genCore (not “cores”) where you can find the needed files for building the project. ( You have to copy them from coreGen to genCore/decimation_filter [and the others] which you can also find in this directory). Also you have to rename the coreGen folder to “cores” as well. If anyone has a better solution on this problem pls. let me know.