An Update and Looking for Moderators!

Hey Everyone!

I’m really sorry for my long absence and the shambles I’ve left the forum in.

I just went through and attempted to remove all the spammers. I’ve also now made accounts require approval. This will be a way for me to keep the forums clean while gauging how well the anti-spam registration measure work.

It’s also very likely I deleted some valid accounts. If that happened to you, I’m sorry and please re-create your account.

Currently, I’m the only moderator on the forum but I would love it if we could get some of you guys to help keep spam in check. Shoot me a message if you are interested in becoming a moderator.

As you may already be away, we are now working with SparkFun Electronics to have them manufacture and distribute our boards (find them here). That means I’ll have a lot more time to work on things like the forums, tutorials, the IDE, and new boards.

SparkFun estimates they’ll have the first batch of boards done in May. These will be basically the same boards already had out with some minor updates. The Au and Cu will now have a QUIIC connector to make attaching many of the boards SparkFun sells easy. They both also have a fix for the USB-C to C issue currently plaguing the boards. The Io Element will have pulldown resistors on all the inputs which will help the Cu since it doesn’t have them built into the FPGA. No more having to fake pulldowns with an inout.

I’m currently in the process of working on another video and plan to get these rolling out more once other things are less demanding.

I promise to try and check the forums more! There are a ton of posts on here that I need to go through as well. It’s really great hearing from everyone using the boards!

Justin Rajewski