Alchitry Labs not working at all

This seems to be a fairly common issue but I haven’t been able to replicate it myself.

Do you have anything noteworthy about your installation? Is everything on the C drive?

Luckily Tyrving solved this in another thread! Just install the latest version of Java SE (NOT “NORMAL” JAVA because that is only Java 8).

[color=#666666]Luckily Tyrving solved this in [/color][color=#e0a004]another thread[/color][color=#666666]! Just install [/color][color=#e0a004]the latest version of Java SE[/color][color=#666666] (NOT “NORMAL” JAVA because that is only Java 8).[/color]

[color=#666666]+1 !! Installed Java SE 16 and Vivado (v2019.1) build reporting works in the AL (v1.2.7) IDE. I’ll try this with a newer version of Vivado as well.[/color]