Alchitry Labs not recognizing Alchitry-Au

I’m using these boards in a class. Students either run the software on their own Windows 10 machines, on W10 VMs on their Macs, or use remote computing and a local downloader.

For one of the students with his own Windows machine, the download step hangs. It doesn’t say “No device found”. The log window is just blank. If he tries the standalone downloader, it just permanently hangs.

Looking at the device manager, it sees two devices called “Alchitry-Au”, while my working system sees the board as an unnamed “USB Port”.

We tried to uninstall or disable those devices, but it still doesn’t work.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I think I’m having the same issue actually. At least if you mean the flash to device after building. I was able to flash to my AU before. But I believe either flashing from another pc or changing my file locations for Alchitry Labs may have messed it up.

I’m going to try re-installing Alchitry and Vivado on both my pc’s to see if that fixes it.

Does this happen with another Au? If it works with other boards, contact SparkFun for getting it replaced.

It should show up as Alchitry-Au. Could you post some screenshots of the device manager?