Alchitry labs closes by itself if from the menu I enter Tools -> serial Port monitor

Hi everyone,
I am new to the forum and also with fpga chips.
I installed the development environments for the mojo v3 card that I don’t have yet and I practiced with the sample files.
And everything works.
The .bin files are generated correctly.
I only encounter a problem when I enter the “menu → Tools → Serial Port Monitor” which when selected immediately closes Alchitry labs, even Alchitry Loader remains blocked if I try to load the .bin file without the card connected.
Instead Mojo Ide and Mojo Loader don’t seem to hang, they return the correct error message indicating that the card is not present.
I’m using updated Windows 10.
When I install both Alchitry Labs and Mojo Ide I get an error message that the drivers don’t have the correct language and I believe they won’t install. same message if I launch the dpinst-amd64.exe file.

Thank you

What version of Alchitry Labs were you using? I believe this is fixed in the latest beta version.

I am pleased that the forum is starting to work.

Yes, the problem of closing the program has been solved with later versions.