Alchitry CU Constraints

It seems to me that the pin names available within Alchitry Lab are defined in this file:

There you see that you can refer to the pins as the bank letter and the number within the bank (e.g. “B40”) or the SPI signals.

samuelcomeau has posted an equivalent file (.txt) there:

Just to add to jdeschamps answer, the pin names in a .acf are the names on the header pins and are the same for the Au or Cu. You may find this helpful

The pin numbers are printed on the Br element as well. They follow the convention of BANK_LETTER + PIN_NUMBER for example A2 is bank A pin 2.

One note looking at the linked spreadsheet.

It looks like the differential pins on Bank A 45/46 on the Au should be swapped. From the spreadsheet 45 and 46 are listed as IOP and ION, respectively.

Nets in the February Au schematic show 45 going to L24N_14 (R7) and 46 to L24P_14 (R6).

You are definitely correct! That was unintended in the schematic and I updated the sheet to reflect that. I don’t think it’ll cause any major issues as you should be able to just invert the input if they are flipped.

Good catch!