Alchitry a dying project?

The out of stock boards are due to the global chip shortage causing SparkFun to be unable to get the inventory to build more.

A lot of the work going into things are currently behind the scenes. The most time is spent rewriting the core of the Lucid code in Alchitry Labs. This will allow for Lucid simulations in the future. Some other features such as getting Xilinx cores into example projects without violating IP (basically automating generating the cores but not including them directly) is holding a few example projects/tutorials back.

I’ll admit I’m pretty terrible with keeping up with the forum.

So, no Alchitry isn’t dying but yes, things have been a little slower recently.

This is great news. I have been following the progress since I bought my Mojo when it was first released. I even installed Linux on my spare computer so I could run ISE (I could never get it to install on Windows 11).

I would love to see an HDMI element for the CU/AU.