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Number of processor cores to be used during synthesis
Hi folks,

I'm a beginner using the Alchitry Au+, currently working through the tutorials to get familiar with Lucid and the board. It works fine, I have no complaints so far.

The only thing that I'm missing is some configurability. I have an older machine with an i-8500 Processor, 6 cores. 
I noticed that in the project.tcl file the number of processors to be used seems to be hard coded to 8, so Vivado falls back to use only 2 cores. Since the build is a lengthy process, I'd like to set it to the correct value of 6 cores. Faster is better  Smile

Is there any way to modify the number of cores in the project.tcl? Is there any way to help Alchitry Labs generate a corrected "project.tcl"?
Alchitry Au+, IO Element
I just wrote some code to make this number dynamic and should detect the number of threads on your computer automatically. Look for it in 1.2.7

For what it's worth, Vivado doesn't seem to do much better with more cores so don't expect too much from using 6 vs 2.

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