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Verizon improve it security for phone users
Verizon employs different security procedures when porting a telephone number to a special SIM card than the competitive carriers. This is often making SIM swapping attacks harder to perform against Verizon customers. Verizon has an excellent better solution: if your telephone number gets activated on a special device, and on a special SIM card, the corporate shuts down service. To do this work, Verizon monitors what IMEI—a unique number that identifies a cell phone—is linked to your telephone number. If the IMEI changes, Verizon cuts service until the customer verifies the change on their online account portal. Contact email support technical team and learn about issues and its solutions. Verizon email technical team will give instant solutions by email team. Verizon email support Resolve every type verizon email problems and you will learn about issues and resolve on your own. Dial verizon support toll free number and get best email support services 24/7 and click on the website link given


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