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Designing an ESP32 MCU Shield
I am interested in adding a WiFi-enabled microcontroller to the Au stack.  In essence, I want to use the WiFi connection to configure settings on the programmed FPGA using a tablet and a simple web page.  My fear is that the current shield design is so small, that it may be very difficult to design and build this shield.

Where can I fund the Eagle files for a blank shield?

Does anyone have advice or lessons learned on how to design this project?  (FPGA Pin selection, voltage levels, tri-state pins, ...)

Is there a preferred vendor to manufacture a new PCB?

Thank you!

I decided to make a prototype to test the feasibility of controlling the Au board with a microprocessor.  I currently have a Raspberry Pi Zero W connected to a Br breakout board.  I plan to use the RPi GPIO pins to transfer data to/from the Au using a custom 8-bit parallel I/O interface.  I could also use the serial UART lines as a fallback approach.  
So far, so good.
In general, I think it would be VERY useful to have a microcontroller/microprocessor shield for the AU board as it will help the adoption of FPGA technologies in the maker community.

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