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Alchitry 1.1.1 | Cu Build failing, How can i fix it?
Starting iceCube2...
C:\Program Files\Alchitry\Alchitry Labs>SET TCL_LIBRARY=C:\lscc\iCEcube2.2017.08\Aldec\Active-HDL\tcl\lib\tcl
C:\Program Files\Alchitry\Alchitry Labs>SET LM_LICENSE_FILE=C:\lscc\iCEcube2.2017.08\license\license.dat
C:\Program Files\Alchitry\Alchitry Labs>SET SYNPLIFY_PATH=C:\lscc\iCEcube2.2017.08\synpbase
C:\Program Files\Alchitry\Alchitry Labs>SET SBT_DIR=C:\lscc\iCEcube2.2017.08\sbt_backend
C:\Program Files\Alchitry\Alchitry Labs>C:\lscc\iCEcube2.2017.08\sbt_backend\bin\win32\opt\synpwrap\synpwrap.exe -prj "C:\Users\acer\Desktop\blink2\blink2\work\alchitry_syn.prj" -log "C:\Users\acer\Desktop\blink2\blink2\work\icelog.log"
Copyright © 1992-2014 Lattice Semiconductor Corporation. All rights reserved.
Error of dumping file C:\Users\acer\Desktop\blink2\blink2\work\icelog.log, 'stdout.log' is instead.
Synthesis exit by 2.
C:\Program Files\Alchitry\Alchitry Labs>C:\lscc\iCEcube2.2017.08\Aldec\Active-HDL\BIN\tclsh85.exe "C:\Users\acer\Desktop\blink2\blink2\work\iCEcube2_flow.tcl"
Error : can not print out log file stdout.log
Run edifparser ...
{C:\lscc\iCEcube2.2017.08\sbt_backend/bin/win32/opt/edifparser} {C:\lscc\iCEcube2.2017.08\sbt_backend/devices\ICE40P08.dev} {C:/Users/acer/Desktop/blink2/blink2/work/alchitry_imp/cu_top_0.edf} {C:/Users/acer/Desktop/blink2/blink2/work/alchitry_imp/sbt/netlist}  -p"CB132"  {-y} {"C:/Users/acer/Desktop/blink2/blink2/work/constraint/merged_constraint.pcf "} --devicename  iCE40HX8K
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation  Edif Parser
Release:        2017.08.27940
Build Date:     Sep 11 2017 16:51:25
Parsing edif file: C:/Users/acer/Desktop/blink2/blink2/work/alchitry_imp/cu_top_0.edf...
Error: ParseEDIF C:/Users/acer/Desktop/blink2/blink2/work/alchitry_imp/cu_top_0.edf failed
Kparser Unable to open C:/Users/acer/Desktop/blink2/blink2/work/alchitry_imp/cu_top_0.edf
child process exited abnormally
edifparser failed:CHILDSTATUS 9412 1
Bin file (C:\Users\acer\Desktop\blink2\blink2\work\alchitry_imp\sbt\outputs\bitmap\cu_top_0_bitmap.bin) could not be found! The build probably failed.
Hi all

I'm new to this forum and FPGA programming in general.

I have exactly the same problem when building the Tutorial "First FPGA project". I can see that this folder with the bin file is not existing at all but i don't know the reason why it's not build. When checking the syntax, there is no error.
I am using Alchitry labs.

In the device manager, the Alchitry Cu has no driver installed although this should not be a problem according to Alchitry.

Can you please support on this topic?



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