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Alchitry labs 1.1.1 does neither syntax check nor build a binary
Hey guys,

I have a Mojo v3 with the HDMI shield and I wanted to follow the HDMI projects (passthrough, creating an HDMI output, etc).

After downloading the non Win10 design suite and obtaining a license file, I started alchitry and set the path to 14.7. But the buttons "check syntax" and "build project" do not produce any output at all. No error messages, nothing. 

ISE itself is running fine, I can program the spartan without problems. Just alchitry does not seem to do anything.

Any ideas?

OS is Win10 x64
Could you possibly post your project files, or email them to me at support@alchitry.com?

It's possible you have something in the project that is causing it to crash while checking the syntax which makes both that and building fail.

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