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5 ways to debug - what do you use?
Hi all,

In my FPGA adventures, I quickly stumbled onto the "FPGA Hell", so now I am looking how to debug the signals going through the Alchitry boards.

Which tool do you prefer and why?
  1. Alchitry wave capture
    [Image: wavecap.gif?v=1516210021]

  2. Wishbone controlled scope to capture vcd and show in gtkwave, setup described in this article
    [Image: memscope.png]

  3. Vivado debugging Integrated Logic Analyzer ILA
    [Image: 1492471766607.png]

  4. Litescope, wich can also export to sigrok
    [Image: Sigrok_intro_5-ds1307-decode.png]
  5. Your own debug statements sent over uart
I am curious to hear which one you use and why!


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