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How is Alchitry doing?
I came across Alchitry from the Sparkfun site. I am an educator and would like to add an FPGA curriculum into a CPU Architecture course that I do.  I am searching for a good, cost effective hardware platform for the FPGA's.  It seems like the posts from Alchitry on Twitter have been silent for several years now and the Au board is out of stock due to supply chain issues until at least March of 2023.

Has Alchitry successfully survived the pandemic and dealing with supply chain issues that this is a company I could build my curriculum on?

thanks for any updated info.
Digikey.com still has Sparkfun development boards in stock, though pricey. $366 for Au+. Support here is horrible and my experience with Lucid is that it appears to work okay with their demos but has problems on its own. Therefore, I would stick with Verilog or VHDL should you want to teach FPGAs.

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