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clockclock Projekt Help
I would like to familiarize myself with FPGA programming (currently I only program in the Arduino IDE) and have chosen the ClockClock project. I have already purchased the appropriate board.

Since the wiring is only going on, I need help! Unfortunately, the manual does not state the order in which the motors are connected described. The pin assignment is defined in clockclock.acf.
In the clock matrix, which clock is 0,1,2,3, etc.?, how are the clocks numbered for correct connection?
Many thanks for the help.
The clock is broken into the four digits. The rightmost digit is digit 0. In a digit, motor 0 is is the top right second hand. Motor 1 is the hour hand. 

The clocks are numbered like below when looking at the front of the clock.

[21][18] [15][12] [ 9][6] [3][0]
[22][19] [16][13] [10][7] [4][1]
[23][20] [17][14] [11][8] [5][2]

The "id" of the motor is the clock number * 2 + 1 if it is the hour hand.

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