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Base Vivado project for Au+: compatibility
I have been following the Lucid and Verilog tutorials for the AU+ board that I recently bought.

I ran into a bit of an issue with the AU+ and using Vivado. It turns out that the base project that is provided on the website is still set up for compilation for the old Au board which caused me a bit of pain since I didn't notice the difference in the devices in the beginning. Since it seems that AU+ pretty much supersedes the AU, would it be better to update the device within the base project from xc7a35tftg256-1 to xc7a100tftg256-1?

I have changed the device manually and now the code seems to work well. However, I wonder if there are other things I should change within the project to accommodate the device change?
I wouldn't say the Au+ supersedes the Au. They're just two tiers. Most people don't need the extra space and shouldn't have to pay the premium.

That said, the only difference in a project is the device ID. Your change should be sufficient for all practical purposes.

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