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AU+ no longer works
I plugged the AU+ into my windows 10 laptop yesterday via usb c and the board ran with the default program. Then I programmed it using the alchitry loader a different example and it worked. 
Since then I moved to a new laptop and now the board is undetectable even with the same versions installed. I moved back to the other laptop and that now cant connect.
I have tested the output voltage and current from both the USB from a laptop and from the 2 power pins on the side of the board and they both draw what I would expect from it working correctly. Does anyone have any idea what is likely to be wrong with the board?
Is there any chance the USB-c from the new laptop might have killed one of the chips and now the FPGA is unprogrammable.
Sounds like a hardware problem. I believe you emailed me a few days ago and we got it sorted out there.

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