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Starting with Alchitry Au+
Hello there! I' m trying to use the Alchitry Au+, with the Alchitry Ft element board to build a system that could receive data from an external ADC from the Usb 3.0 port of the Ft board.
I' m quite new to the world of the FPGAs, so I' m looking for advice if you have, in particular on how to adapt the Mojo tutorials also for Alchitry Au+, beacuse I saw that most of the tutorials are on the Mojo board. If  you have suggestions about how to interface the Au+ with the ADC, are welcome, or also tips of any tipe.
Thank you!
I'd start by running through the beginner tutorials so you get a feel for hardware design. It'll make understanding everything else much easier. https://alchitry.com/lucid

The Au+ is basically just the Au with a bigger FPGA so all the Au tutorials are identical except for choosing the Au+ from the board dropdown when you create your project.

While it isn't included in the currently published Alchitry Labs version, you can download a module for talking to the FT600 here https://raw.githubusercontent.com/alchit.../ft600.luc and the accompanying constraint file https://raw.githubusercontent.com/alchit...nts/ft.acf

I'll have a tutorial for these shortly after they are in the published Alchitry Labs. Once you get a feel for Ludid, they should be pretty straightforward to use though.

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